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Beautiful Stories!

Hi All, I am from the United States and wanted to find a life partner. I had previously dated women here in the US and met many online. However, I had never met someone that I felt like I could start a family and have a life with. In addition, to meet women online took a lot of time and effort. Many times, women would cancel dates or were not actually interested in meeting. A lot of them were not serious about finding a true relationship and others valued their careers above all else.I decided to use a matchmaking service with Kate in Bogota for several reasons. First, I was already somewhat familiar with Colombian culture and had been learning Spanish on my own. Second, Bogota is an international city where people from all over Colombia would move to find work. In other words, it is a great place to meet well-educated, professional Colombian women. Finally, I liked the concept of a matchmaking service where a professional can set me up on dates with pre-screened women that had already expressed interest in meeting me. It was a great way to screen out the women that were not interested and only meet the women with whom I had potential, thereby saving me a lot of time and headaches.The overall dating process was very comfortable and efficient. Kate had created a schedule of dates for me before I had even arrived in Bogota. Each day, Kate would pick me up from the hotel to take me to the restaurant to meet my date. She would faciliate the conversation as necessary and give me advice between each date. She would also follow up with the dates and with me after each date to get our thoughts and to give her opinion. After the end of 1 week, I had met the woman that I am still dating now. She has similar values as me, wants to start a family, and is interested in living in the United States. She is hardworking, honest, and family-oriented. I have gone back to visit her several times in Colombia and have met her in another country for vacation. I will be visiting her family in Barranquilla for Christmas and hope to be with her for the rest of my life!

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